Please review our terms and conditions before registering with us.

1. Registering

First step to start earning money is to register with MP3Sale.ru. After that you should send us a request with brief information about your site and your URL. You should be over 18 years old to join the program.

2. Promoting partner site

You may use any promotional methods such as - banner ads, text ads and other legal ways of promotion. However, you may not change URL, use spam, store and distribute illegal content.

3. Payouts

Affiliate receives 40% of all the deposits from his users. Payments are made from 10th till 15th of the next month.

4. Time range

Program starts when we approve your request and ends after parties break the contract. Both parties may end the contract on their interest. In this case written statement should be sent to the other party 5 days before the contract ends. Company reserves the right to end a contract if other party is found in illigal activities or breaking the T&C.

5. Modificaions

Company reserves the right to change the T&C any time. Changes could apply to T&C, payout procedures, and time range. All registered partners are notified via email of all changes to be applied in 48 hours advance.

6. Parties relations

Both parties are independent and are not tied with working contracts. Partner is not company's agent and may not use company's name without written permission. Company is not responsible for illegal actions of its partners.

7. Guarantees

We do not guarantee partners demand on services, continuity and fully functional site services

8. Non disclosure agreement

By registering with our affiliate program partner agrees to meet all its requirements. Company secures all information about its patners and do not pass it to 3rd parties unless it's a provider contacting us about partner's illegal actions (i.e., spamming). Company reserves the right to cooperate with 3rd parties that may provide additional information about your site perfomance in terms of this program.

9. Confidential information Partners may receive information from company about company's clients, partners and perfomance that is treated as a confidential information. By registering partner agrees not to use or pass this information without written permission of the company.

10. Compensations

By registering partner agree to take responsibility of partner site maintainance, paying salaries to partner staff and covering all the additional expences. Company may insist to cover expences in these cases: threats of passing our trade mark to 3rd party, breaking any T&C, illegal actions of your site.

By registering with affiliate program you state that you have read the requirements of the program and agree to follow it.